Welcome to the Elk Rapids Historic Sights website!

Elk Rapids Historic Sights website was created so visitors could enjoy and discover the multitude of historic sites and sights that are found in Elk Rapids.

This spring we are showcasing the central portion of our historic district which is our Island House and Property.

On April 29, 1948, Katherine Dexter McCormick deeded to the residents of Elk Rapids the Island House and Property.  The next year the village ordinance was passed ensuring her wishes that it be maintained for the benefit of the residents.  She wished that it would be used for a community center or a local library.

Please honor this generous gift by taking a walking tour of the property along the existing carriage path or by standing on our bridge observing the natural beauty and listening to the beautiful spring bird songs.

Please visit the other pages on our website to learn more about our history, stories that have been told and photos.  More will be added as we evolve.

Elk Rapids Historic Sights
Click photo for better viewing of plaque

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